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1938 - interruption to a TEA PARTY FRINTON-ON-SEA : ( G.R. adds what would be the usual LINDSAY mob ITINERARY : …` then all the Monsters of the Deep and the Bogs went up to London, charging their taxi fares to WHITEHALL, to drink with ANGELA in her PALACE … & they will drink until 3-o`clock of the following dawns … until they fall down in their usual grotesque manner And bitterly DOTH they complain that stinking COCKLE SHELLS were not powerful enough = to defeat the I N C A … ” Greta. Ransom age 5 years old relates to Lennie who keeps diaries since he was 9 years of age … : Diary Len I. Ransom )

1960 January Colne Engaine : - JJR/LIR “ … Perhaps they would make some more OWL CLOCK BOMBS - This was the present you got from JIMMIE Jong a PIMP and the Family of the G.B. Premier EARL of LINDSAY Crawford for your 5th Birthday in March 1938 … Can you recall how you got out of bed just before 9.30 that evening when Mr Jong Pong said it was to BLOW UP - he had just left your bedroom, your house - you watched him leave and you carried the BOMB carefully down the stairs to the bottom of the garden

You said the next day that you did not throw it out of your bedroom window because you did not wish it to blow a hole in the Old Road … as this would be inconvenient for the people going to work in the early morning …

… THE BOMB that should have … ! - we think your little hands may have carefully moved the clock on Next day you said you had seen photographs of the old RANSOM family Yacht at SANTORIN … and the hole looked rather like that … when your father let you see it in the afternoon … and THEN YOU WERE ABLE TO GIVE THEM AN EXPLANATION AT LAST … … … ”

` … … Greta Ransom … 2011 AD adds ` Yes, well … my father and BRITISH ARMY friends did then swiftly take their GUNS to the LINDSAY GRAND on the sea front … but the LINDSAYbuggarhs had FLED … to PERU ? Or to their boggy holes of SCOTLAND … ? … `

… The ELOQUENCE of your FATHER FJR Summer 1938 made a great impression on the Frinton-on-Sea proprietors and the fellow tea-takers … He was clapped … The Visitors amongst them now enquired of the town & the district about the TRIBE LINDSAY ? … they learned they were a nuisance to the seaside town of Clacton & the district …

MEMORANDUM : and were known to ROB grocery shops all over Essex and Suffolk for their kitchen & their picnics that summer they robbed a Ladies Lingerie Counter by Moonlight …

The Premier Earls of LINDSAY eternal RAIDS for liquor and cigarette robberies were frequent & heavy - grocery stores lost whole HAMS and CHEESES …. … Of course, they came on their holidays from British Imperial Court Duties, and Scottish WARFARE … … … …

“ … Do you recall - my brothers, your father FJR telling Len who collects the Weddell-San Julian records of our ancestry, that if the INCA grandmother of their mother Jean Weddell had died without children then he and Len would not exist … or you …

That if your grandmother Mary Gordon had died of Diphtheria with her children 1904-05, then she would not have given birth to your mother in 1906 Your father is teaching us the pure CHANCE that we are … ”

“ … The INCA 5 years old son of Huascar the brother of the Scientist Ruler ATAHUALPA is smuggled out on a hay cart … & is turned into a schoolboy by the Monks in the 16th century : the boy might have died of a fever or a wound … or his son died, or their descendants, but this line has lasted to marry into the Quaker family of the Mariner JAMES WEDDELL - Our Weddell Families include cousin Clarke Gable the Actor … The line of descent from any of our ancestors might have been broken by infant death or chance misadventures in their lives … The INCA line has survived in a straight line to reach us …

“ … Your father did not wish you, as a Roman Catholic, to believe that God had intended you descend from the 16th century INCA Rulers - Or from POUL GRONLANDER your hero, a genius 6 & a half feet tall with dark blue eyes … POUL existed because his learned Northern Chinese great-great-great grandfather came to GREENLAND … stayed, and died in 1601 leaving himself in an icebound grave … He had decided to make West Greenland his home - except when he or his descending line sailed to Venice or other parts of the globe to see relatives and friends - Our line from POUL could have been shipwrecked or got a fatal disease. POUL is your grandfather four times back on the POULSEN line of your grandfather Ransom … ” ( continues after 4 pages on RANSOM 1799 & JOHN GORDON )


1799 - SPITZBERGEN - belonging to Norway - well within the Arctic circle … deposits coal-asbestos-copper-gypsum-iron-marble-mica-zinc-phosphate deposits - whaling/sealing… POPULATION in 1956 = 1,530 Norwegians = 2,746 Russians -


( Frederick & John RANSOM BROTHERS : Farm 2 miles from Basin - MONTROSE Scotland = grandpa FR & brother ? or great-grandpa FR & brother ? of Margareth, John & Poul RANSOM - Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland … )

“ SPITZBERGEN … In 1799 … along the coast, a suitable place, land we our RANSOM family had bought in honesty - documents we hath we built A TOWER … we set a RESERVE about this land upon the seashore - we established a place for SEA BATHING - very daring in those days but an awareness of health, a novelty perhaps, had begun to arise … We had a little hospital and a school as we always establish on our lands and ventures … since we came to SUFFOLK 1st century AD… … …

Here in the 19th century we had a very little settlement with cheap and middle range accommodation for those who might like to take a rest holiday & come with children … Pleasant entertainments, civilized behaviour the pattern was set for future development - and instilling a care of the earth

“ … LINDSAY - obscene behaviour - 1945 onwards : He, Uncle LINDSAY 14 is boasting they have `got a leg up` on NORWAY and the relatives of ANGELA … that they have concreted all our seashore Reserves - & taken the money from the BANKS ! The usual foul mouths were hissing

“ OLD ESKIMO not ALLOWED make WILL ” … LINDSAY, 14 & 15 chortling & their violent speech came at all of us, our family RANSOM …


( MEMO : LINDSAYBUGGARHS are dreadfully vulgar and have quite obscene mouthfuls for anyone who will not give them MONEY .. Signed Greetha RANSOM I knew all this from when I was 3 years of age ! For the VIOLENCE they have shown me from one week old I would like to put them on CHAINS and have them `brickie`s Mates` in GREENLAND putting all our lovely buildings back again … & they should be fed on cabbage soup and snow - I am given anaemia 4 times and pneumonia before I am 11 years of age by these KILLERS-CULLERS Premier EARLS of LINDSAY

… they gave Teresa Gordon Clytemnestra Mad Mother KALI (my mother) invitations to smart NOBLE `KNEES UPS` (RAVES) to starve me during the wartime - she was taking the Wartime Rations for Colin and me to JIM and them = they also have alcohol tea parties with their good friend the Fascist Sir OSWALD MOSLEY put in HOLLOWAY PRISON for Wartime … they all know the NAZI figures very well - all been young together since 1920 = whoever wins the War these MANIACS will be OK YAH … )


Dr JOHN RAY Ransom : … 1945 onwards - your father behaving with courtesy and intelligence, & to his wife Teresa Gordon too, found good people in other nations eager to help him get the ESTATE off DUCK BOARDS = but everyone waited for help from the chosen GUARDIAN Andre MALRAUX perhaps his BOSS General Charles de GAULLE would not let him take up his GUARDIANSHIP ? ? ? … nobody could understand - an unpleasant little man Ed du Cann had decided as a bastard he should be in charge of everyone … he abused good Naval Men when we were present December 1946 the Old Quaker Rooms the Old Road … Roman-SAXON CLACTUNA = your Clacton-on-Sea `

Document in 3 parts “ 1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc” … … … …

… relates eye witness accounts Ransom & Weddell that December 1946 evening …


Below a MONTAGE - a way of collecting information when

photographs have been destroyed … its also a useful way to understand your Records … & for quick reference :

MALRAUX accepts GUARDIANSHIP October 1937 - because of THEFT organised by BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN in name of Premier EARLS of LINDSAY Scotland his post/mail was stolen from XMAS 1937 onwards - In 1945 the little bastard maniac Ed du CANN gave its mother (Teresa Gordon) and its aunt spinster Miss Winifred Gordon, firm instructions NOT TO LET MALRAUX KNOW THAT THE official WILL of Mrs Margareth nee Ransom GROTE appoints him GUARDIAN to the entire ESTATE of worldwide GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN and `JOYOUS VENTURE` RANSOM - Estate in 3 Parts worldwide : an ESTATE of philanthropy and careful investing in transport and overseeing that SAFETY standards are maintained … this since 1830s : - et al

His `step-mother` ANGELA has a hold of him … Ed du Cann has tried have Greta and her younger Colin Ransom killed two, perhaps three times … he and his father du Cann a penniless Lawyer (quoting Winston S. CHURCHILL 1960 January) made off with about 4 million pounds from MALAYA-PHILIPPINES …


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