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Destruction of British Documents

Destruction of early British History :

1 - 6 reports : CRUCIAL to an understanding of the GREATEST CRIME UPON EARTH : The Reader will swiftly grasp the significance of Numbers 1 & 6 therefore 1 - 6 are given first


( Information from Teresa Eliz. Gordon born Nov 24 1906 she to be mother of three RANSOM children Greta Frobisher Weddell, John Gordon, Colin Frederick, by her 1932 marriage to `young` Frederick John RANSOM b Nov 1911 ...

Speaker 1953 ? /but heard in snips late 1930s/1940s/ 1960/1961 Notes of Arthur Malone `Politan- ` Detective with colleagues to Andre Malraux 1957 onwards :

ASK YOUR MOTHER She could not quite recall the date but I have not had any of this money Ask your mother

( NB: Because of the GORDON name she is in very Noble circles age 14 years onwards - short career as a Jockey for Lord Athlone had her reckless & nearly lose a foot : Jockey Club RESTED TG now on )

She said she heard about the destruction of the name RANSOM in 1921 or 1922 she could not immediately quite clearly recall ` but there was an AFTERNOON only EXHIBITION in WESTMORLAND of documents, books, letters, papers, drawings & photographs of the RANSOM Families and some on show were the originals the families, she heard, were only too ready to help him with his work `

She did not think she saw the man who had organised it

a man called CHRISTOPHER ELWOOD (?) an Academic perhaps - but he did not have full time duties ? - he had spent his life collecting information on this Family RANSOM . The documents on show were copies, or loaned by the families RANSOM, and he had copied out some there were many of them ( persons of this name ? )

He borrowed documents and copied them. A Book ? Yes ! A book he could not trace. 1) It showed they had been on the East Coast and up to Northumbria from ROMAN TIMES

She your mother was told it was interesting & she had not known this

She heard there were many of these families who reached back to ROMAN times Northumbria but they all had to keep quiet, keep things hidden it excited ENVY at the TOP of the Government & Crown of Great Britain ` she was told this ( earlier thundering came from Alexandra of Denmark to Edward VII - reports )


OH, she learned there were many of these families who reached back to ROMAN TIMES Northumbria In this case, the family RANSOM, a Noble connexion to them wanted their lands It was they, the Noble connexion to them, who were DESTROYING THEIR VAST RECORDS where they could get hold of them graves and monuments in churches were disappearing too

((( LINDSAY Crawford Premier Earl 1883 - attempts grab all GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate G.B. & around the globe Nations A-Z : Wedding of Millie Frobisher-John Ransom : kills them 1890/1897)))

At this one afternoon only exhibition Westmorland he had stressed that the histories and records were of IMMENSE IMPORTANCE to the NATION to HISTORIANS EVERYWHERE …”

The ENVY at the top was BECAUSE THESE ANCIENT BRITISH FAMILIES often owned lands along the seashores of Britain and OVERSEAS

She heard there were many people in the British Government the Lords and their Sons who wished to take these lands to stop other countries competing overseas with Great Britain

She heard that the determination to destroy these old families, they were not Noble families she thought who were originally Sea Traders and Farmers, began the middle of the last century …”

Yes, she could remember she was told that at this one afternoon only Exhibition - Westmorland, he only had it for one afternoon he had stressed that the histories & records were of IMMENSE IMPORTANCE to the NATION to historians everywhere

she had been told that the British Government and Crown were anxious to improve overseas TRADE and therefore they were trying to take these overseas seashores and lands in silence. World trade was not fair to Great Britain and its Empire that was why the British Government were so anxious to take the British lands from them. The man who told her about this exhibition ? Oh, she knew him

She, Miss Teresa Gordon, had later heard that after this ONE AFTERNOON EXHIBITION of documents and this RANSOM family had helped him he could not be found F I N


( NB : Teresa Gordon & Miss Plunket-Green spend two weeks Christmas 1924/1925 in France - at Deauville where they met ANDRE MALRAUX and friends (Clara Malraux not with him) - they were seen at the Races with very distinguished Racing figures - on to PARIS :

Malraux & friends heard of the two girls being robbed at Calais by JIMMIE `Jong` ( he is well known to 1920s-1930s Paris - his Chinese heiress mother & her sister having an Apartment ) - and of a Warehouse robbery they were certain he had carried out - in fact the Police traced the two girls to PARIS & questioned young MALRAUX and friends - by then they had seen them off to England.

JIMMIE JONG had the key to the `dusty French Mansion Bowes Lyon` as he was a friend of the family at Glamis Castle ( now a big French Museum = here JIM and Lindsay et al stored their loot) The girls had been heading for Monte Carlo Kind Malraux and his friends ( they are all between 17 years and 22 years of age ) took the two girls age 17 & 19 up to PARIS & found them a tiny apartment Central, all sometimes went out on the town together as young people do

they may have met his mother Berthe and Aunt Marie now living in an apartment : the corner grocery shop given up MALRAUX is very much `the boy next door with a good heart` Malraux and friends loaned the two girls some money and to their surprise had it returned swiftly in January 1925 with a polite letter from Teresa Gordon thanking them for a delightful time and coming to their aid ( He tells me Greta Ransom 1957 money returned, a polite letter well written from your mother, thanking us all for a delightful time I was now going out East again I heard nothing of her until 1934 and more of her tragic years ahead talking with your grandmother Mary Gordon when we came for the SUMMER 1937 …” )

MEMO : But Clara Malraux was not with them = she and Teresa do not meet until July 1947 at the Clacton-on-Sea Colne Road seafront house of Miss Win Gordon and cousin Julie Butler ex ATS - Teresa & Clara spoke alone for 2 hours this pair are not to be trusted 1957 Georges-ANDRE assures me that he was NOT an old boyfriend of my future mother - apparently my face resembled a RUSSIAN NOVEL as he told me this Greta Ransom

READER can turn to ANDRE MALRAUX biographies , where it can be read that 1924 he has just got out of PRISON in Asia for Temple & Tomb robbing : as the Museums world will ever after recall with fun ! They blamed `the older wife calling her ` that Cat who insisted she came from a higher class than him therefore should have known better ` )

CONSIDER : 15th May 1938 JIM JONG, Ayrshire Farmhouse of O`Niell family, picked up beside her dead body her personal copy her legal WILL - Margareth nee Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE had sent to ANDRE MALRAUX c/o British Ambassador Phipps, PARIS, that month a signed WILL for MALRAUX the GUARDIAN, & courtesy letter to French President : Her letter to Ambassador Phipps says would he kindly deliver this to ANDRE MALRAUX, or to him at his publishers . We, RANSOM, FROBISHER, WEDDELL, POULSEN families were all waiting for MALRAUX to call or write - but his Post had been stolen Orders British Government and Crown XMAS 1937/1938 :


? Clara Malraux will undoubtedly have been shown WILL by JIM Jong - her brother Maurice Malraux helps JIM 1941-1948 by cunningly searching out the properties on the RANSOM 19 acres under New York - bought 1801 administered by the loyal family GROTE BROKERS Wall Street-

Angela, a friend of JIM from 1912 has got a CROWN May 1937 = her brother-in-law Ned (Edward 8) has abdicated : she will make her first State Visit to FRANCE July 1938 - she was handed with witnesses by Ambassador Phipps the WILL & letter to French President - NB: Keep in mind that all these persons when young 1920s met Paris, other fashionable places, and abroad :

1960s - Angela (now an old Queen) learning of revelations to ANDRE MALRAUX & General de Gaulle 1960-March 1962, she says 1962 she threw it in the British Museum - the OLD ESKIMO Mrs Grote not allowed make a WILL & she had given her all the Estate when she was a child & she ANGELA did not need a WILL now

NNB : The friendship formed 1919 between young Teresa Eliz. Gordon & the 6 years older Elizabeth ANGELA Margurite Bowes Lyon was disapproved of by Gordon parents & an invitation from the Parents of Angela refused `Teresa was too young to go into Society` : ( This branch is Frederick John Gordon Mine Host White Bait Suppers `Trafalgar Tavern` Greenwich, his 6 sons and 2 daughters own 8 pieces of GORDON land in SCOTLAND the madness that Sir Walter Scot could not write continues ) Teresa went without her parents permission 1920 to Bowes Lyon Glamis Castle - & with ANGELA & JIM to France 1920/1921 with the KEY to The B-L Dusty Mansion France


MEMO : AUGUSTA FROBISHER (Ettrick & Napier branches) 1948 = says to family member REAR ADMIRAL Alfred Charles RANSOM RN 1st & 2nd World Wars/see Debrett 1953/


It is known that Scotland Nobles grow and use a dangerous narcotic DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND and torch-blow it into pellets which are inserted in the nose or fixed in a cavity above the nose - it hits the brain in 2 seconds - it is sold abroad also in powder form to factories employing 2 = 4 years olds & to brothels and places of ill repute = 2 fields will pay the bills for a year for a big Noble place & family says Uncle of Edward du Cann (born 1924 his mother is Teresa Gordon) who grows this plant with 4 or 5 chums = high on HEROIN he is indiscreet to Miss Greta Ransom of Colchester Museums :

It is February 1954 = he had just collected a cheque for 20 thousand pounds SOHO for he and friends have sold an 18 months crop : Its cult names are `purple plum`/`lavender mist`/`purple pickle`/ etc

( / 1937 SUMMER 6 weeks - Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom, Clacton-on-Sea & West GREENLAND = document in 3 parts = to 1990s / NAIL IN YOUR HEAD / & RANSOM ANCESTRY Part I = restoring the work of FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM 1911 - killed Deptford 1969 =

FJR centenary 1911 - 2011 AD = Part II RANSOM histories is assembling on WORDPRESS = with other relevant work for MARTYRS TWITTER - FACEBOOK - MY SPACE etc )

I will now include Report No 6 : VATICAN RECORDS intended to be safe with `young Pacelli` Pope Pius XII =

The related 2 - 5 Reports are given after these pages

Reports 2 - 5 are given to show the 20th century MADNESS, the criminal insanity, of these dangerous robbers & destroyers of the Histories of ROMAN, Anglo-Saxon, & Medieval BRITAIN and its sea going and farming families of Essex - Suffolk - Norfolk and up to NORTHUMBRIA READER will get an idea of what is missing by reading the work of my young father FJR in my assembling of RANSOM Ancestry & histories released worldwide web 2011 AD = These bestial crimes are done solely to get BIG DOUGH for IMPERIAL & Noble Britain, Scotland, & Scandinavia



Report No 6 - VATICAN - 1945/1947

your father went to see Pacelli -

The Pope gave him his BLESSING -

your father explained what he intended to do He would restore the Estate where he could, offers of help came from the little Nations & many Nations, and good people but it was dangerous because all the children were dead around the globe, pits were full of burned bones - some nets had been found at sea with children in & these were just within the 2-mile limit of little Nations and Great Britain Nobles now had a third of the ESTATE LANDS much had been taken of RANSOM transport investments in CANADA The Premier Earl of Lindsay-Lindsey No 14 said that ANGELA now a Queen had given these massive investments to him and his family

He, your father, wanted to keep his two younger brothers (b 1918 & 1921) out of it to begin with he explained to Pacelli, now Pope Pius 12, they could be called on to help where he and GROTE BROKERS & the overall Solicitors Argentina knew it was absolutely safe for them to go and assist :

( NB : Dave Lindsay-Lindsey 15 (b 1926 becomes EARL 1985-dies 1989) got Canada Railways in the RED because of withdrawals from Banks for himself & families & rest of his TRIBE grabbing = they have also began for FUN the Wars of the INCA again & devastated the Estate in PERU as well as slaughtering all the GROTE CHILDREN and settlements = but as the British PRESS thought he was to marry Princess Meg (Margaret) this was fudged after one outspoken report in a British newspaper )

the POPE gave your father HIS BLESSING they were two men in terrible shock - the crime seems worse than NAZI Germany to us

It had been planned so meticulously before the War began September 1939 by Navy & Army these criminally insane could trust : Orders from the top ? it was to prop up the nobility of Britain and Scandinavia Your father found solace in raising monuments to the GROTE CHILDREN - but these had to be hidden as the road across the fields - it was uncovered once a year.

1938 -1960/1962 - ANDRE MALRAUX had no idea of his full Guardianship we know now - the ring about him was cruel and terrible in its power : at any time he could be slain if he should step forward as GUARDIAN or say he had not received the WILL or came to know about the enclosed letter to the French President that Margaret Grote May 1938 put in the envelope addressed to Andre, with the signed WILL for him a letter in her own handwriting : the handwriting of a most highly intelligent woman

The Pope had the documents, books, papers, letters in holdalls, trunks he watched to see the GROTE HOMES papers nailed down in wooden boxes, crates big 4 inch nails were used it went behind his dreadful DOOR

C 1961 - the crates had been prized open, found empty of everything the big nails were left in the sides as they had been ripped out inside nothing : trunks gone ! We hear a collection of books that were on shelves were missing

We believe , that like the canvas bag - that JIM stole 1938 from your little house the Old Road & ended up with Mengele Harrington 1950s ( Loamshire connexions ? ) - it was reported he, old Mengele Peer-in-Waiting , is heard bragging he would destroy it We believe all of this will have been thrown in the SEAS or set fire to their rages

( Nota bene : Canvas bag had some years work of John Ransom & wife Millicent Frobisher 1883-1890 before he was savagely killed, liver cut out, and left in playground of Hither Green School, found by children early morning 1890, London : I GR have listed what I remember 1938 - Len and I have lessons weekends on our duties to GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ancestors and achievements = we are always shown to be humanists through 2,000 years )

1960s - A report comes that the Papers in the crates were shredded that someone was persuaded to do this the crates had been ripped open, nails showed it had been no attempt to remove papers in orderly fashion …”

Pius wanted all this kept your father expected to live to be 100 his health so good like his brothers Len always in training and a musician too . He would go on restoring the Estate it was agreed, and the HOMES were expected to go back in 1949 - many Nations were going to help put them back : take the lands off the KILLERS where they could

((((( Missing from VATICAN the records of the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN around the globe 1864 onwards and our RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts : History of James Weddell his INCA wife and the families of approximately 150 persons 1960 - all slain /records `1937 SUMMER onwards/ -/ The 18th century histories of POUL GRONLANDER & families & the 19th century histories of JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND off Xristensharb, West Greenland : The 3 Wills required to administer this worldwide Estate, for the VATICAN too, and us are that of Tiggy Grote, Margareth nee Ransom, and her parents, my great-great grandparents FRED RANSOM Montrose near Basin, and Jacopsholmen Island, his wife is The Gronlander`s grand-daughter, Gertrud Poulsen

a brother to she is Count Poulsen of Norway : his great-grandson lived, existed, until 1957 : he telephoned November 1957 to ANDRE MALRAUX at `St Edmund House` 50 Lancaster Gate Square, London, but MALRAUX receives no postal communications not opened This building ( now a Commadore Hotel ) is a Catholic hostel for young Catholic workers, from well known schools, helping with this CHARITY run by Diocese of Westminster RC, General de Gaulle, and Andre Malraux = Malraux calls this house in the 1860s terrace `my London home`

WHY NOT A BLUE PLAQUE on it ? )))))

SENTENCE for this hideous crime ? : I suggest they be put on tethers and chains, to PLOUGH in the ancient ROMAN BRITAIN fashion

Greetha Ransom



Report No 2 -

1930 : Visiting `Jerusalem` Deptford, the little home by the little Deptford Park, were the LINDSAY/Lindsey Premier Earls of G.B & Scotland & families : about 20 or so called without warning in the little garden they tore the small green apples of the one tree and threw them at one another they drank our sherry then sent out for more alcohol - the bill was later given by the shop keeper to my father Frederick Charles, with apologies ` but there were too many of them and not time to call our Policeman `

They now proceeded to drink gin - whiskey - Port, all over our little 4 down, 4 rooms upstairs Deptford home They trampled the garden where the tall grass was left with the spring bulbs growing they tramped about the house, upstairs too, and COST UP every item of furniture, pictures, tableware, BOOKS that are rare or first editions : they, as usual `nicked`

my father said after they had gone `the last time LINDSAY vampire magpies get in our door ! ` We must say in future `going out - Police on door, or that guests coming to call or we are going to a Ball for retired Policemen and their good families `

That late afternoon Frederick Charles had to tell them `they calling themselves Cousin LINDSAYS they were` that some eminent visitors would arrive for tea and cake and the evening Dad said he must insist that they, the Noble Lindsay families, must now leave the Policeman would come to see the late afternoon and evening eminent visitors were not disturbed

Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM, future kind brave grandpa of Greetah b 1933 , writes of this unexpected visit ` they demanded that afternoon of their excessive drinking, that I leave ALL the ESTATE of GROTE HOMES & RANSOM worldwide to them OF COURSE ! I have three sons and a daughter and the Estate is never to be broken up it is our family work `


1938 Widow Mary Gordon - widowed because of LINDSAY-Lindsey and criminally insane chums :

the knock at the door had me think it was the afternoon Postman they BOOTED IN - like from a 4 ALE BAR, Harry all of yeeh should know I was on my own - they tore up a book - eyed the paintings of my dead husband I said `IF YE TOUCH A PAINTING by George I`LL HAVE YAH EYES ` They knew, after the men came from Ireland and beat them all up after they tried kill the priest and the Nun died they knew what could happen to them . They took the Cat with them

They heard the child was with me alone here wanted to tear the child to pieces at that place on the seafront

WILL OUT ! accepted everywhere abroad NOT ACCEPTED THIS HEATHEN LAND

((( Later we heard they threw the CAT out of a train window - Len & me GR were at `Stella Maris` across the road my great-aunts Bessie Martha and Annie Agnes artist : Len and Annie A. Cl. W. do sculpture/marble work/sketching & painting Lindsay & JIM have destroyed a sculpture by Annie she 17-20 years 1900, possibly Madonna, Saint Anne & child, in a Manchester grave yard Graves in Wales will be destroyed soon on the Williams-Carroll family line)))



1935/36 LIR my book gathering - I had been collecting for a long time I was foolish enough to tell Cousin ELEPHANT EARS Lindsay They waited for me to come off the train they threw me in the ditch and took my book gathering from my satchel. I never saw the work again - I believe they spat on it & burned it on the seafront

( 1986 - a pleasant luncheon for a birthday I hear of `razoring` = removal of Records : the speaker takes his holidays in VATICAN libraries he has retired as Librarian of a world known LIBRARY I am a member since the 1981 death of dirty JIMMIE JONG Cur-Lewd JAMES )

( NB: Len Immanuel Ransom born 1921 collects the ancestry of his mother her forebears WEDDELL SEA & INCA etc 1965 a Stop Press Evening British newspaper reported ` records got by a scholar from his bank on James Weddell were found to be soaked in his Greenwich flat in the bath, shampoo and hot water Police investigation it did not continue )


Mary Gordon mother of Teresa had to be told : it made her realise her daughter could be mad, insane : she said it was

THEM the UNHOLY on the SEAFRONT EARLS of LINDSAY GANG were offering her Invitations over Christmastide if she would do it …”

: Mary Gordon, had Angela & Jim a nasty problem 1919 onwards - they began wanting free Irish horses & 8 pieces of Gordon lands Scotland - & now, the devils, are at uneasy dialogue with Earls of LINDSAY-Lindsey to see who gets biggest share out the holy HOMES and the Estate …” ( she speaks on the telephone with PACELLI about matters - as everyone does , visit & write about the greatest piece of PHILANTHROPY in the world to keep it safe now they have killed Margaret`s son - her grandson a Priest at Rome : an Irish American cousin DOMINICAN lives in a room in Vatican writing )

The matter : LIR 1930s diaries/& Arthur Malone detectives colleagues for ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 on

CHRISTMAS 1936/1937 - we found she had put paraffin on your head

( I Greetha heir, and Lennie my co-sub-heir - we in training young PACELLI and all intelligent human beings know our training programme & approve )

We caught her she swore in the name of GOD ALMIGHTY to us that it made the hair to curl - she said she could not afford to send you to the hairdressers because she had to save money her husband was mean : But you were to be in the St Clare Convent School play as a Pink Fairy that Christmas if she burned your head and face you would not appear ! YOU SAID THAT SHE WANTED TO LIGHT A CANDLE to dry your hair off - she had wound your hair around some rags and you were to light the match but you would not

We knew now she could not be left alone with you !



MEMO : Ref. etc There are many more horrendous diary etc accounts of these criminally insane British and Scandinavian coin less Nobles Beginning with 1860s the mother, a Miss nee Lindsay, of Millie Frobisher my great grandma mother of Grandpa Frederick Charles Ransom - the dangerous narcotic is sometimes mentioned Divinorum Salvia Scotland = it can used to kill old people & take their wealth and properties this young woman ( she is one of my great-great-grannies - I owned a table centre she had embroidered, mauve, lavender stitching COLOURS OF HE SOULS Group - it was STOLEN from me at 50 Lancaster Gate Square - Doc `kill the Birds` Mengele HARRINGTON spoof G.P. Hong Kong/ known to diminishing circles of ex-Quaker Nonconformist Britain as `Ah beware of the Royal Satrap - p a e d o p h I l e = paedophile ahem ! `

this young woman born within ramparts of LINDSAYBUGGARHS Tribe had escaped to marry a FROBISHER she experiences some horrors too (as her grandson she never knew Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM does and like she is killed by Lindsay & JIMMIE JONG he 1939 now with 2-man Unit-Intelligence back of Buckingham Palace the two daughters of ANGELA call him `UNCLE JAMES`

LINDSAY EARL 1884 took her house, Mrs Frobisher, pulled it down, sold off the Park lands she dies - it will have been another murder by the greedy Lindsay insane he removed the PASSPORTS from Millie and John RANSOM and highly intelligent young friends 1884 after sending 3 big Naval ships to West Greenland ordering them off our Island or he would cannon them (British newspaper with photos) - told Sir Harry Parkes to go to HELL for allowing them to go and see ancestors in Tokyo : they are received at the Court by the Empress herself RANSOM have marriage 1504 to older Royal line Okinawa - thus we descend with Japanese eyes for 2 centuries : there were newspapers of these events seen by me 1938 when my grandmother Jean Weddell Ransom told me the seriousness of what was happening about us - and our GUARDIAN Andre MALRAUX has not replied to any letters Margareth my aunt has been killed by JIM JONG stabbing her neck & he is now trying say I did it with a hair ornament He is called VERMIN by human beings :

NB : A repeat of 1 - 6 with notes, other explanations, will appear on WORDPRESS & other pieces of work/RANSOM etc :

Nota bene : RANSOM-GRONLANDER-WEDDELL out-breeding over 2,000 years has Noble Britain, Scotland, & Scandinavia wetting themselves : we, my direct line ancestors, are 14 Races and 27 Nations of BRIDES = I have some information, & a photograph taken at Stonehenge on TWITTER etc photo is likened to Leonardo da Vinci his MAN my Guardian from October 1937 Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX would perhaps agree with this ? I keep telling him to GET UP in the Paris PANTHEON & come and HELP with this vast accurate histories of GOOD PEOPLE & of the EVIL MONSTERS of GREED

\ Greetah Frobisher Weddell Ransom 2011 AD