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… ANDRE MALRAUX called on him, Pope Pius 12,  at the VATICAN November 1957 to ask PERMISSION for us to re-wed … `Young Pacelli` said  `  GRRR … !!! `     I NEVER CANCELLED THE MARRIAGE TO the GRAND-DAUGHTER of MARY GORDON … ” they talked at cross purposes … they did not discover that ANDRE does not know of the existence of THE ESTATE … MALRAUX still does not know that he married not a penniless young Catholic Miss but a GIRL of the SNOWS like Aunt MAG … It is CHRISTMAS 1959 that the treachery & the terrible the GENOCIDE of the British Government and Norway,  its Nobles and Crowns is discovered  : The Pope,  our  `young Pacelli`   is just dead   …

1957 October  - CHARLES MAGOWAN wrote a second time to ANDRE,  but he did not get the letter … Mengele HARRINGTON was back from overseas chasing tiny boys for sex … he and his chums kill some of them after harming them badly REPORTS-records :

1957 early October -  a short letter reached Greta from Mr McGowan … & a telephone call to me Greta & ANDRE MALRAUX October 1957  … “ so glad yee are together … ”   in his Glaswegian accent …

THEN HE WAS SUDDENLY DEAD ! Exeter -where they had moved at their retirement from Clacton-on-sea where they had lived from 1934 running the best Photographers shop of the area … ANDRE MALRAUX HAD OFTEN STAYED WITH THEM 1947/48 during difficult times - they have 3 grand pianos & Charles Magowan & friends played modern French music

1957 October-early November  - harassment by dirty JIM of Whites vice Club-  The telephone was now removed from my room at the top of 50 Lancaster Gate Square ORDERS Mr Mengele Harrington paedophile in France as well as G.B. & globe … He cannot be arrested :   Says he is the MALRAUX Physician “  for the Malraux family ”

1937 SUMMER - Andre & JO Greta - we in happiness-

at the seaside Clacton & about East Anglia-

RANSOMS away SPAIN : ANDRE NOT TOLD … but perhaps only Harry Gordon knows this mission … or part of it …

The family RANSOM & branches had the rescue of the Murgatroyd boy from the Lindsaybuggarhs -   If this had not been necessary

ANDRE & JO would have learned enough of the Estate to guard themselves … & Malraux able to help guard the Estate

In 1970, ex-Minister of GAUL … ANDRE MALRAUX … he makes it clear …  “  I WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED …” I have been deceived by the Government & Crown of GREAT BRITAIN & its relatives  …  :

(  MALRAUX would have called me ELEANOR of Aquitaine … who inherited a third of France age 15/mother of Richard Lionheart & King John and others … )

ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN … he would have been directed to the vast French HUMANISM connections of Aunt Mag & Tiggy and her parents …  He could have perhaps saved the mature students of the five FRENCH GROTE HOMES … ORDERS are operating to discover ALL ex-GROTE students and KILL THEM … to save ARISTOCRAT BRITAIN & CROWNS of BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA …

Reports : “ … we used to meet about 15 or so … then we were being killed off … now we dare only meet in 2s or 3s with care …” Report, I am present 1966 BM NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM LONDON … A man of ASIA - A SCIENTIST … protected by his Embassy when he travels … he has a family, grandchildren … he managed to die naturally …

1937 May - indsay/Lindsey Earls told by Angela they could grab the Murgatroyd ESTATE -  the cousin Murgatroyd was boiled in marmalade/ the Ransoms et al were ill with grief … & did not return to England until October-November 1937...

1937 December - ANDRE MALRAUX’s POST/mail stolen by THE BRITISH Government & Crown - & to his death when they could

1933 Xmas = without any RANSOM Family being legally informed & not knowing of this crime -

Gross Britain Imperial has ordered all our Post/mail to be stolen-and delivered to them at the back of Buckingham Palace-at Xmas & on Greta’s birthday 1 or 2 trestle tables have them tear at gifts-they are criminally insane-dope-booze -City London call them `royal bootleggers` 1960s…

1938 This USA Argentine administered ESTATE with legal WILLS has been given by Angela to THEM - Lindsaybuggarhs-in Noble secret silence…to give her half … Angela has JIM the half-Chinese racist ever at her elbow since she is age 12 years Glamis Castle Scotland  - & JIM is also hanging about Teresa Gordon again at this time - he picks up girls whose parents have lands and prospects     … Thus arises   Ange & Tree’  of the Roaring 20s  as their contemporaries call them - cine film :   two `gals`  of JIM Jong  … in the most fairy-like frocks -   early 1920s ...

1938 -  British Crown debts : Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs will now pay all the Crown bills on the borrowing abroad - The debts are horrific from gambling when Mary Teck Queen Mary spent the entire Grant from the Government a year before it was due from the British Parliament - the Royal Family had to GO TO MONEYLENDERS and they not kind for fear of not being paid back  :

“ … she, Queen Mary,   known as Auntie Mary to the young my mother goes about with 1920s,  was stuck on raw opium - opium/brandy & mixes … she was depressed & would rather have married a German Texan millionaire … but her GERMAN family insisted on this match … Mary Teck Queen of England began to live alone in the big Marlborough House … She became obsessed collecting small antiques … it is diagnosed in British newspapers as kleptomania … In the 1960s the Royal family were not very popular … this could be found in newsprint …

THEFT of GROTE RANSOM ESTATE : Lindsaybuggarhs will also pay bills of some relatives too  … Lindsays are allowed to LOG … fell and sell off all RANSOM forests …  demolish all RANSOM Reserves supporting settlements of civilized intelligent human beings … they know where these are in natural countryside and leading down to seashores … =    In Nations not part of the British Empire … All can be cunningly  SOLD off that is the seashores and other lands … & they are to give to Angela a PORTION of what they make …

… they will get assistance from the BRITISH BUSINESS WORLD … some will know the ESTATE is legal and is being ROBBED and that there are dead children in pits to hide … others of this new trendy cut-throat business world will not know too much … some will have to be kept quite ignorant of matters … A list should be made of those in the way of making BRITAIN RICH  : accounts/reports/photos/

1939 - to this year my father & grandparents others in the families had a system of all Overseas Post coming to the foreign Embassies  - they were trustworthy - Collection was advised -  or a delivery by hand arranged to `Jerusalem` Deptford, or Clacton-on-Sea … or elsewhere …  Documents from GROTE BROKERS Wall Street, Argentina our old Solicitors from the 1830s, and other parts of the globe for the Family GUARDIANS of the two young heirs Greta & Lennie Ransom were not only sent to my Grandpa Frederick Charles RANSOM  but a complete set sent to my father Frederick John RANSOM …

…  BUT my young ex-Army father FJR never knew this until 1938 after the savage murder of Margareth GIRL of the SNOWS = it is the second identical packages that are STOLEN in the name of THE GOVERNMENT of GROSS BRITAIN & THE CROWN …    These packages from GROTE BROKERS are  sent every three months to FJR legal guardian to his daughter Greetha heir …  and his youngest brother Lennie I. Ransom …

…  by putting a BRITISH CROWN spy into GROTE BROKERS Wall street USA staff …  the EARLS of LINDSAY/LINDSEY EARLS laid paws and claws illegally on our legal post/mail … and they began a bargaining with ANGELA former Miss Bloody Liar (Bowes Lyon) and her CROWNS & GHOULS of NORWAY  … These criminally insane killers (including a USA line Tucker-Lindsey are intending to be in a position to give ANGELA & her CROWNS and Scandinavian IN-LAWS a SHARE … but not let them be in charge of the smashing up of the great GROTE RANSOM Philanthropy Estate !

These IMPERIAL MORONS and MORGUE FIGURES are all short of DOUGHand scared the British Empire will turn into a REPUBLIC …

1924 - Angela is Duchess of something …  then 1937 as Consort to the delicate health King George 6, is criminally insane in her secret silence illegal GRABBING of parts of the GROTE HOMES LANDS and the RANSOM Estate lands worldwide … She also packs a lot of liquor … bucketfuls - REPORTS : various posh Public schools, she supported by Mr JIM Jong and there is a powerful perfume of `APPLEJUICE`   =  polite for BRANDY … they drink it all thru the meal and that means getting going with the 8 AM tea and toast !   I know `em ! They have all three,  with LINDSAY-LINDSEY buggarhs,   given me physical violence since I am one week old … Angela gave  DECREE  to her chum Teresa Gordon mother of bastards including nasty little Ed du Cann (Mrs FJR 1932) that she was to  “  LOCK  IN  A  DARK  CUPBOARD  the APE ESKIMO Greetah … and they would share the ESTATE between them … kicking LINDSAY-LINDSEY overboard at SEA  …

Nota bene: this pair, my future Mum, Teresa Gordon then, and her OLDER friend/fiend ANGELA are known as `THE GIRLS` … they have been fighting on ball room floors since 1919 ! And touring the globe with JIM JONG robbing this Estate they are known to be quite MAD …

They know young German Flyers, aristocrats, soldiers long before HITLER poor Art Student comes along … one dishy young FLYER, good German middle class,  is Herman Goering … … they are taught by JIM JONG how to act - he did 2 years Course at Pekin Opera in the 19-teens … They are the worst of THE ROARING 20s …

It is Herman Goering PARIS November 1935 on steps of German Embassy, meeting me GR after we have left the violence of ANGELA & JIM and  ((Lords/Earls etc )) LINDSEY-Bethune in Gross Britain directed at me especially, and all of us …   (I fast coming 3 years)  … who writes to his elder sister … “ … little Greeta … with Lennie … I saw a child WHOSE SOUL HAD FLED IN FEAR … they have suffered  violence I said get to North America or Argentina and DO NOT GO BACK …

( his family have a GROTE orphan rescued 1860s …Tiggy begans the HOMES 1864 USA, crossing Pacific … coming back across Germania and Europe, up to the POLES arctic & sub-arctic, up and down S. N. America then went round again - A to Z … Margareth young bride had to follow on building settlements about the HOMES on her family ANCESTRAL LANDS … All nations helped with all their hearts - BUT NOT THE SOUR THUGGISH GREEDY IMPERIAL BRITAIN … the top of the pyramid had tremendous DEBTS from its ignorant greedy grasping GLITZY display … its woeful LACK of an education … its big booting on  H U M A N I T A S …  )

1933 March - Fearing they could lose CONTROL of the ESTATE at the birth of the heir proclaimed Greta Ransom … the LINDSAYBUGGARHS Premier Earls of Scotland and Gross Britain … cunningly & illegally called all RANSOM and family Post/correspondence to be DELIVERED to the BACK of BUCKINGHAM PALACE … where at XMAS and Greta Ransom her birthday March it was ripped open by savages … 3 men in grey suits from THE WHITEHALL Centre of British GOVERNMENT assisted by taking all correspondence away with them … A MOST DREADFUL GENOCIDE is now well in the PLANNING stage

ANGELA wants it all … she got her marriage by telling lies - she is expected to pay all THE CROWN BILLS & these are interest upon interest from early 20th century when Mary Teck (Queen Mary to George V) went GAMBLING in DEPRESSION …   ANGELA  & JIM JONG  told Mary Teck Queen that the OLD ESKIMO Margaret Ransom Grote,  had given ANGELA everything in 1910 for her 10th birthday !!!

ANGELA got engaged end January 1924 and married by the April 1924 … The Roaring 20s young did not want to marry `Bertie` … a nice enough delicate health man … they were only interested in NED … Neddy … Edward 8 …   JIM Jong saw advantages for his coin-less self :   His respectable CHINESE FAMILY China have kicked him out … for many crimes against them  … even gas filled rubber cushions … he fancied the moneys of old Chinese Indonesian aunts …

THE HIGH CLASS SIN  Figures From a Morgue dope-fiends-boozers-ignorant-obscene-greedy creatures-

Should never have known what THE GROTE RANSOM Estate owned around the globe it was by agreement with those

Independent & free Nations  …

ONASSIS an INTERNATIONAL Shipping figure :   he found out who had killed Greek orphans & staff  2nd World War “  wanted to do the lot of them in  ” 1960 onwards : he may have given the British Territorial Army help getting some monsters given the similar deaths (Lindsey et al were seen burning some children alive in the pits) …  he took care of the GREEK shore settlements & the Estate peoples of GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE  when he could - ONASSIS knew Margaret GROTE and admired her HUMANISM her kindness her great intelligence

1864 founding of GROTE HOMES - GROTE HOMES WERE ALWAYS DISAPPROVED OF BY THE BRITISH EMPIRE at the top of the pyramid of high class sin - Figures from a Morgue- The HOMES were never at all a matter for the fallen declining Empire of the British Nobles & Crown to know about- GROTE HOMES is an AMERICAN institution of intelligent human beings !

The LOUD MOUTH of Earl Lindsay & other British Nobles from 1879 expressed disapproval of EDUCATING FOREIGNERS who are fatherless to 18 years-RULERS SONS were to educate to 18 -

1920s- Noble penniless Vagrants-poverty of intellect-sharp gamblers-luxury lives `on tic` G.B. Government Lords & those on a rung of the ladder-Crown & Scandinavian branches with holes in the roof sneered at RANSOM-WEDDELL-Gronlander-San Julian human beings- & called our Branch of the family & of  Margarethe Ransom Grote ‘Apes & Eskimos’ to our faces 1920s- into the 1950s-

By killing the Grote children-settlement families-kith & kin all foreign peoples these criminally insane Noble British & Scandinavians were able to flash-glitter-stomp about in big boots again upon the Worlds stage-logging-gutting our lands -  The killing went on  -  to cover up the slain Grote children for so many people knew-  `Hunting Big Game` was regarded as holiday time off-shore  -  secret numbers Whitehall gave funding  - tills swung open when these criminally bestial insane walked by

The Noble establishment figures had the Post/mail stolen as ever-& stuck their snouts in it- their Racism the most lethal the globe has ever known…

BESTIAL GREED-using the LAW As soon as Noble Britain had killed all the GROTE HOMES children 2nd World War they knew they need never be caught- the crime is so obscene no Nation could face up to it-  GROSS BRITAIN as they ran it at the top became rich-paid its debts-went on the big spend-splash-dope-booze-BIG TIME-Casino time-cashing cheques on Banks in name of Greta & Len Ransom-Grote Brokers- & running mainly a most unhelpful to the globe crass Trade-The 2nd World War made it possible for them to SAIL IN Navy ships-go ashore smaller craft & slay the childrenreports/photos/pits found/offshore nets of children are round the globe-RN report December 1946/others into 1960s-1990s…


did not meet any RANSOM family except Greetah whose life ANDRE saved- he spotted on my hip needle marks-he knew the signs of heroin used on children from ASIA- eyes & edges of the teeth-& he knew why I Greta Ransom insisted the first day of his arrival that I was to die in September- & go to be buried with Teresa Carroll mother of Granny Gordon- she the Plato & Harmonist Studies girl who died when Great Aunt Annie Agnes artist was 2 years old 1882-


ANDRE MALRAUX took the medicine away that was being spooned into me daily by Unity’s mother-this was perhaps 10 days later- which I objected to- describing how I felt !  What it did to me!   He had noticed things after the spoonful she put in me in the mornings !

ANDRE went to see Archie(his wife was a schoolgirl with Esther)

in Clacton Boots the Chemists-  Archie said  ‘it does not do much good-a proper diet is best’ -  I cried when the danger was over-& got picked up on his breast & patted…  He describes this to PJPW 1970...

1937 MAY - SHEshe took off to LONDON TOWN-a change of Rulers/ Teresa Gordon Ransom had laced this medicine again with heroin plus something else-   Lindsaybuggarh 14 & Jimmie Mr Pong “two evil little Jack-in-boxes” got her INVITATIONS May onwards FOR SLOW POISONING GRETA RANSOM- SHEshe RECEIVED INVITATIONS TO ALL THE KNEES-UPS AT THE TOP or with others unacceptable gate-crashed-  Except the Abbey Ceremony-even though they called her  Mrs Gordon-Gordon de Cann to get her in-  She had promises of properties overseas-moneys from Angela‘s MEN for harming her husband & daughter-they give her much free dope too-

If there was one scrap of intelligence in her at all then


In this noble Class at the top of the British pyramid of Class they are all bestially insane on these dope mixtures from age 12/13 years onwards-Sunday afternoons they turn the Church Service upside down & 10 Commandments- culling is easy to them- hunting heirs as “big game”.   The most hideous dope they use is fire-blown pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland either up their snouts or under a fold of skin on the forehead- it hit’s a 12 years old brain in 2 seconds- creating   “determination to WIN”  Their parents pay the house hold bills a year with a crop of this plant-shipped to nations using slave labour of tiny children to 30 year old who do not reach 40 years….

1921 end of Winter up North- many of the HIGH CLASS SIN stood watching a man being burned in petrol at their feet-  Teresa Gordon was not there-she was told & said ‘not my taste’ - Angela was in the front row in Wellington Boots (rubber boots)…The man would have got the wrong heiress or would not sell his lands- They see grisly performance as toughening them up -Purple Plum pellets gangs- many have parents-relatives who grow this NOBLES DRUG-Ed du Cann’s uncle Feb 1954 is boasting he has just got 20-thousand pounds Soho for the Crop of 2 years-he & 5 Partners…report/witnesses/G.R.

1948 there was a USA Agent’s report of 1948 circulating into 1950s Scarlet Town- on his recent encounters in Scotland-a colleague went missing-

1937 ANDRE MALRAUX-says he half believed somebody had added something to this bottle of medicine for a child said to have anaemia & too excitement about grown-up matters said the mother -but he had seen the needle marks on Greta’s hip-heroin injected-& for some weeks perhaps months-he had seen it in The East on children-

ANDRE MALRAUX - `he was sure it was in the medicine 1937 after proving this was so in April 1947- He reads from his notebooks the account of Greta in the Church Sunday morning April 20th 1947...

1947 SUMMER- In 1970 Malraux reads his notes The Pillar house Harwell to PJPW- GRW allowed take shorthand notes-at first at the table opposite him-then from the little kitchen dining-room hatch-he was distressed looking into my eyes- he calls her  `My wife Peter…after Jo whom I chose as my wife-when she was dead I & my next Catholic wife chose our future path-I had responsibilities to the living-`

1945 Noble High Class Sin & Figures from a Morgue-

The cunning brutes were out to blame my father- Frederick John RANSOM Army Captain -whom they’d tried kill Philippines (but useful he speaks Japanese) then in Kenya-saved by some humanists-hidden-got back September 1945 to Gross Brit- FJR in shock from learning of the slaying of all the GROTE HOMES children-staff-settlers-Trying to give his big family Ransom-Weddell-Poulsen the thumbs up`  we must save what we can of the Joyous Venture-

1949 Dr Len Immanuel Ransom co-heir says he knew extent of the slaughter GROTE HOMES children-Japan hid their  orphans- he is a Master in Japanese- Len’s shock had no words at first- It is confirmed RN  ships used-Alfred Charles RANSOM Rear Admiral other HIGH RANKING RN confirmed in horror 1946- records-eye witnesses-

1946 Augusta Frobisher discovers all children slain- She & Alf. Charles 1948 “on their knees praying”

1953 to kinsman Ettrick/Napier `Angela a packhorse for the crimes of her men`- Augusta murdered Norway 1954 by JIM-


There are hundreds of accounts of the slaying of the children A to Z-nations of the globe outside the British

Empire who exhibited HATRED at the Estate, its heirs, its families….  heard, seen, photos…it was not until the 1960s that some of the bestial murderers were caught & exterminated- this was after MALRAUX & de Gaulle proved the Will had never been received-AND THAT MALRAUX, & the General HAD THEIR POST/mail stolen by G.B. Government & Crown ruthlessly-

1937 SUMMER Clacton-on-Sea the house with the rectangle garden the garage at the end by the remains of an ancient hamlet 17th century….over from the Church, into Marine Parade-advancing upon Pier Avenue-

& GEORGIE-ANDRE MALRAUX goes popping into  The CO-OP  for this & that -

he suddenly notices HOME/HEIMAT/Maison

‘Doth hath the need for-Well wee-mee-think`th Iiiiia`h-some brown sug`arrhh  for the custard tarts….’

17th century Nonconformist speech from East Anglia-  which I Greetah, at school in my pram from 14 months, QUAKER SCHOOL- doth retain-until end of 2nd World War & now we hath to all be smart with Scarlet Town speech-or mocked are wee-& get no jobs-except in the Museum world where we are valued…

1937 GHOSTS-Angels-demons, devils, witches….

Sitting in the garden one evening after a busy day on our feet seeing churches, buildings, villages our talk came to ghosts & ghostly matters…Josette very level headed here.  I saying you perhaps can see them if you can step back in their time-perhaps by thinking-but I am not sure-there are ahead inventions-mankind may learn more-I ask about such matters of family & friends.      I do not think ANDRE believed in ghosts at all-only memories having to be upheld-he may hath seen too much of blood & gore in SPAIN- but our thoughts spoken got to THE STARS & TIME-& we will go-we have to….

I knew of Old Professor DUNN & his dimensions- it’s a blue school book- I tell them that my Father says  “IT IS NOW OLD HAT, daughter- but he was pushing at  matters at least…”  ……..

Nota bene:   My father born Nov 1911 is younger than ANDRE MALRAUX- born November 1901...THAT SUMMER 1937 OF THE RESCUE IN SPAIN of the 22 years old Murgatroyd cousin…Frederick John RANSOM eldest son is only 26 years of age…at least he stood with his INCA ancestors spirits atop of Macchu Pichuu in 1936...while LENNIE & I fumed below!

You would not know he is 10 years younger-in 1957 October Andre say’th ‘your father-could run a small Republic-like France-better than me- this was why you were able to talk to me in 1937 & I could learn things from you…a little boy-girl, a stout walker who could make Fairy Cakes…and took such care of me the day I was ill-from not putting on my warm jersey that morning before…it ws not My Nerves…!…”

In 1945 we had a book in the `Pearly` library by Old Fred Hoyle-somebody told me in the 1980s he was only 21 when he wrote it-sorry Young Fred Hoyle !

1937 SUMMER The night was comfortable warm, fresh air from the SEA now a blackness out there from the shores-I do not love it the SEA as all the Ransoms do-I prefer to FLY with Lennie Flyer-& when we go to GREENLAND next June 1938 to take Aunt Mag’s SPIRIT to the Island & we are to say “we have been to Greenland FOR A BEER” I plan that I will always fly everywhere-with Len if I can- Some of these matters I hath passed two words upon -when something stirs the memory in our hours the day & night-

GHOSTS & a possible other world-Heaven was not considered-it was separate-at least for me from Ghosties & things-dead walking-science-I had the stars-& we would go !

1937 THAT EVENING- I was allowed to speak on a party, queer that SHEshe gave (Unity’s mother was in the kitchen seeing to this & that-  glad to have us out of the way)….

SHEshe said it was a party for MEN TOO HOLY…it was last winter-some Salvation Army men & some Bookmakers came thinking my father a man of WISDOM would be there-she gave them a drink from a jug…& they began to take their clothes off-

I did not hear what SHEshe was saying as they drank the pint POTS…I crept away on all fours & out by my secret way & went to the kindly neighbour who is half-Jewish & has the sick husband who needs nourishing foods so we have her help us for money-and she is pleased-  She went to the other neighbour who has no fear of SHEshe & they called the POLICE-men-

They took her off  “to the Cooler”  & the poor men were taken to the hospital after they had their clothes put back on- they never remembered anything- we could all protect them hereafter-

The POLICE-men kept her hidden in a cell for 5 nights-she’d gone mad again-they would not let her have a Solicitor & Dr Clarke her Family doctor as she brags (he is not mine)  was told  “ little matter about your conduct in Canada before you came over here Sir…”  He went to his Surgery & dropped the matter-he’ll not be taken to THE RACES anymore by SHEshe who is often GOT OUT by phone calls from her friends Mr Pong & Angela & the Lindsaybuggarhs who want her destroying our lives…


I thought ANDRE-George looked placid at my finishing sentence- When I had just begun his eyes were like two big moons- Josette is much more level headed-& knows life is difficult…

ANDRE MALRAUX has known SHEshe since winter 1924/5 when he & friends helped her & Miss Plunket Greene who were in Deauville & had come to CALAIS with Jim JONG Mr Pong & he had robbed them-he has the KEY to the  “dusty Mansion France of the Bloody Liars”-Angela‘s place-

1937 Summer The House on the Corner Clacton-on-Sea

Our hostess Unity’s mother came out with her apron still on-she likes to do some things on her own…Just as I added   “The POLICE-men went to Grandpa Gordon but he and Granny were away seeing his brother JOHN…….”

She explained   ‘….George & Mary Gordon they go up to see his brother in Scotland- he has A SEAT & lives alone with his servants-she died just before the wedding-he does not want to forget….”

I was a little upset & felt fear about Scotland & said

“NO!  Granny & Grandpa Gordon never go into Scotland because of what happened to John’s little Bride-to-be-hours before she was to put on her wedding finery…We say prayers in church…

THEY ALL MEET IN MANCHESTER- with Granny’s families & have a happy time…sometimes he pops over to Southern Ireland to see them, all Granny’s cousins…”

I was allowed to go on - “He has had to wait 20 years to send them to Hell, all of his Retainers & the neighbours helping-they caught them one by one-everybody helped-

Great-uncle JOHN, he grows the best tomatoes in Scotland-Oh before anybody could grow them…BUT HE DOES THESE THINGS FOR THE LIFE THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD-

She is not a ghost but he & all the servants go on living there as if the Wedding had happened-

Or they would all have gone insane or at least got nerves-

AT CHRISTMAS THE HOUSE IS LIT decorated presents-

The table laid for a Christmas feast as it should have been-

They pretend she & the children they would have had

all come down from Heaven-all the rooms are prepared as they were when she was coming a Bride-& the childrens rooms as well-he buys some toys-then he gives them to the poor the next year & goes shopping for some more-

1890 `HE HAD EVERYTHING READY & SHE HAD HER WEDDING DRESS- then hours before they should go to the Kirk he found her beautiful young face cut off & laid before his door.   They never found her body…

So they built her a lovely tomb in the garden & decided everything must go on as planned- but they would let THEM forget-then they would SEND THEM TO  HELL. She may have been called Marjorie…but I am not sure…Great Uncle John is still there-…(She is a Marjorie Cameron-parents had a factory-were killed-she kidnapped by this Branch-)

When she was born she was kept hidden by them-then a MAIL Robbery had all the big Places searched for it was known ALL THAT LOT were penniless…Groat-lessSo the Police & the Insurance people found her & they took her OFF THEM  & put her with an old Aunt- & she was very happy to have a companion.   She dressed her very nicely & they went out to many Church matters & teas & things- SHE MUST NEVER GO ANYWHERE ALONE-

They may have killed her parents then got hold of her…

THESE-THEY had not let her ‘have a schoolroom about her’ but they had to have employed 1 or 2  Tutors- SHE WAS NEEDED TO SIGN HER NAME WELL-& be presented at this & that- Solicitors & Courts from time to time-so they were not cruel to her-BUT SHE WAS NEVER TO GO FREE-she had moneys-they were ever in debt from debauchery…

THEY had the POWER to stop her marrying but at 21 years old they could not & as she lived with the old Aunt & she had been taken OFF THEM she could marry at 21 years.

She met Grandpa’s brother JOHN GORDON ‘at a church meeting & a nice friendly TEA afterwards-she was old fashioned by not quaint….’

& they ‘made a match’….Grandpa’s brother, John, he was a great reader & she knew a lot.   He got a lovely home ready & he’d even take her overseas visiting Ruins & lovely Cities-

THIS DREADFUL MATTER HAPPENED…there was no money found for a Charity, or to set up a school…

Or for her poor old Aunt- because THESE THEY now claimed she had never existed & they got ALL HER MONEYS….

But to stay SANE everybody with Great-Uncle JOHN GORDON decided while waiting to SEND THEM TO HELL they would go on with the LIFE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN…

If she was IN HEAVEN-if there was a Heaven-then she looked down & was happy….& perhaps God  let her have the children as they had planned…


but really common-sense says everyone to go on as if she had not died just before the Wedding-  for what could you do  having to live all that…NOBODY COULD JUST FORGET HER- Majorie Cameron locked up from a baby-released at 18 years-to marry for love at 21 years- murdered horribly by another of these evil dope-filled dope growers of Scotland-

JOHN GORDON & the retainers & friends all knew they would have to wait sometime to SEND THEM TO HELLAfter THEY the demons had got the money they went abroad but soon they had to creep back full of debts- & THESE-THEY fight amongst themselves when the money is running out….

Uncle Harry Gordon says there should NOT BE KNOWN SUCH DRUGS…that can do this to people-make them so cruel…

JOSETTE said when at first ANDRE-George gave interpretations…thinking it was part my imagination & listening to family tales at night with my door open-


She made her notes- her titles, sub-titles across the Exercise book pages-this is her IDEAS-archives…

JOSETTE she may write a story or use ideas from this TRUE TALE of A BARBARIC SCOTLAND where Earls & the powerful could take all moneys from young people & then kill them, remove all records & say the person had never existed…`