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Great Aunt Annie Agnes artist had managed to have Jack educated-paying the Catholic Priest to come in & teach the boy on Wednesdays-the loyal staff helped-the matter was disturbing-it was not unusual-

A matter of  high powered dope-fiends of High Class Sin & massive greed 1920s  PENNILESSI received a photo of Jack & a tiny letter given to me by Annie Agnes my dead grandmother’s sister March 1945-he said he was giving mother money to buy me a raincoat as he had heard mother did not seem to have a very good husband…In June he was murdered by a heroin injection in his spine-records/diaries/a horrible matter done by those who grow/take a pellet of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their NOBLE ugly snouts…pushed into other people’s POST/mail -stolen by the NOBLES of authority-kudos-

1945 Clacton-on-Sea This lovely restaurant over the road from The Royal Hotel was closed from the outbreak of War 1939-& never opened- I hath lost all memories of the 1930s-whom I am- Andre Malraux found …`a shell Peter-a wraith-Winnclemann had begun to put some of herself back-with music-  I found traces appearing the next year-but not the young person we had with us summer 1937 able to point out a fair path through life…she was again going to die if the Winnclemanns had not come along- & myself…` Now these matters I doth know sometimes as landscapes in the dark night-  I have lost the way in harsh winter smows in that life I am not allowed to know…might be another explanation…

The Widower of Josette George Colonel Andre Malraux has motioned me to stay on the pavement- I know he wishes to be alone as he looks into spaces they have passed their young bodies through that air…Footsteps in the Neige…

I see George Colonel ANDRE peering through the windows his forehead resting on the glass touching the building with his hands…he has motioned me to stay on the pavement- I aware he wishes to be alone as he looks into SPACES  they have passed their young bodies through- walked into that air-

FOOTSTEPS IN THE NEIGE- a prelude by Claude Debussy perhaps here conveys more than words can-

1959-1960 we will enter winter learning of this horrible greatest crime of mankind- slaying nations A to Z the world children educating to 18 years- We are victims of the Gross Britain HIGH CLASS SIN-those swollen ranks of many Golums (Tolkien Lord of the Ring) magnified on dopes-kudos-the big time-

Evil wins at the top of the class pyramid using FRAUD with massive violence-experts of required criminal skills are drawn from the Institutions of The Realm-no need pay them from the Noble pocket-they collect in the field what they want as well as attending to the parole work…

1968 Another chance occurs when we enter The Pillar House Harwell TIME from the Great Museums world of sanity & begin to take this LOST TIME into the DAWN & DAYLIGHT again-here we are ranging from Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis COLCHESTER 1st-2nd centuries AD to Albert`oPolis South Kensington-Cambrian to 19th century…I mean our understanding-our memories allowed-are to be gathered from our hours within these precincts… ARCHIVES OF THE MIND have been destroyed by these HIGH CLASS SIN with their debauchie lives demands- A stroll in the Silurian with Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX or Peter J. Palmer (West Virginia Wheeling `Beech Glen` branch) Whitehead would have arise sketches-writings upon the seas the winter airs…a few summers…of OUR LIVES…. The evil of dope-booze-greed have used the early 20th century Cult of `Fraud-Junk-bunkum` = S. Freud/Jung/Adler & early psychologists…

High Class Sin use the Realm to authorise FRAUD-destruction of the characters of heirs is paramount…Records/eye witnesses/a few brief lines a newspaper/ `House of horror Hampstead late summer 1953 seen by all of educated London- Malraux Ransom driven by Brown rnvr on orders top medics trying to help…Mengele Harrington ran secret activities `for the Crown`-was very well paid for his hours-tills ring down Whitehall-

1967 November onwards BIG & BIGGER BOOTS com`th with the old & new criminally insane-appearing again about ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta RANSOM-& from February 4th 1968 - we have taken Stewardship The Pillar House from the Artist Derek Southall wife Jenny & children Justine & Rosanna-young people trying to have a meaningful life…THE EVIL ARE IN GREAT PANIC THESE FIRST YEARS 1967/70s nosing about us with filthy black tongues now stretching round the globe A-Z they who have been gloating 1939-1960s after killing Malraux‘s sons how they have laid hold of the too big Estate an Old Eskimo-   Again they come slithering-charging-employing pimps-ponces-perverts-paedophiles & dope fiends-all so well togged up- SEEN TO BE DRIPPING BLOOD & GORE BY THE VALIANT WHO HAVE TRIED HALT THIS DESTRUCTION OF A MIRACLE OF PHILANTHROPY A-ZRANSOM a family unique because for 2,000 years it married Brides `off shore` where it Traded the globe-also fished-a family who took the name RANSOM for all its members from 6-7th century AD East Britain coasts from Dunwich upwards round the curve of East Anglia- writings show they were humanists- HUMANITAS (see writings of Heligoland Ransom-he buried with his literary life about him-he also passed a scribe written copy to his daughters…`he could not stop writing early Medieval times-)

1967 onwards I take the children into our Museum circles of sanity & civilized behaviour- We go on Whitehead-Ransom Ruins holidays HARWELL TO POMPEII & back- HARWELL TO MYCENAE & back- LIR & Malraux followed us- & evil got its leg uprecords/diaries/photographic etc/

1968-1980s…`th again those old `ANIMAL PACKS`  of the 1920s & 1930s/40s…now  some of their issue joined them-protecting the blood & gore moneys they received from the slaying of the Grote children…

Nobles of Gross Britain coarse phrases once more directed at ANDRE & GREETHA/Greta- will have me gathering words again from the dawn-dusk-water-mists-fires- `we who hath passed re-passed upon these floors of a home-our homes-now in ruins’ - things like that- my Stark Lines-June 1960 inspired by George Sefris poet- Andre & Greta‘s “Uncle Edgar’s Hat”…Andre took breakfast with him Upper Brook Street 1950s London Town -Records/January 1954 extensive Papers-Salisbury Cathedral etc…`There’s a man in the newspaper with my name-shall I read about him-No- I am happy here with my young wife…we have a great Cathedral to see an ancient town-things to return to Colcestre with & tell Mr Poulter…We will take a young woman now dead with us this morning…`speak`th ANDRE MALRAUX- SEFRIS Greek Poet has given us his hat- `Salisbury plains are cold`- colour photos/

1945 Josette JOJo&Joh will be DEAD a year by November -her beautiful tall 32 years old body in a grave- their two sons born 1940 & 1944 Pierre-Vincent live-

ANDRE MALRAUX her Catholic husband wears his Glenn Miller style raincoat US Army- he too so very tall -not quite the boyish swaying lithe figure anymore-making an arc as he sweeps the SEA air to gather `Summer 1937 from the garden where grew things to eat`- He goes alone to the House on the Corner by the remains of an ancient 16-17th century hamlet-across to the Church across Pier Avenue-Marine Parade to The Co-operative Stores on the corner…where the staff are the same & comfort him 1945- say `come for a cup of tea Andre-supper- a beer `I hear but do not enter this world of grown-ups with more understanding of death…

George Colonel Andre Malraux is to me & school friends of the two schools Pathfields & Convent of Saint Clares an ancient Saint-a figure we hath read of in histories-his hair seems darker to me as if he is a Traveller from an Ancient Biblical Land-We seem to be to be IN NOTHING TIME- two figures with our tremendous griefs- It is about he may take The Robe…& am in love with he-a man of ALL AGES who too strides in & out of the DOORS OF TIME… That July he even stoops to my so-called imagination games- acting with me along Holland-on-Sea cliffs when we hath come from making footsteps upon the site of CLACTONIAN MAN Neolithic…A tale of  `Moonface & her young husband Sunface (a thin book that Mill & John Ransom may have written for schools) …We must go gathering stores for the winter- for our  winter cave `FOR FOUL WINTER DOTH COME` A phrase Josette learned & rather liked to use SUMMER 1937 when we 3 went ` ROUND THE TOWN` Clacton-on-sea …

In August 1945 came Hyrosheemhah  JAPAN-  Colonel Andre appeared at Professor & Mrs Winnclemann’s home by the Catholic Church…& the days were solemn the more…the town full of white sea mists I recall- I swim along two beaches beyond the groynes at low water just able to touch my feet- watching he George Colonel Andre 2.30pm a sunny afternoon walk along the lower promenade he all alone purposefully going to Jo’s Beach to sit with her image…I hath told him `she may linger in that time…we do not yet know… He says gently `she cannot come back`…but I will go & try…

1937 VOICES that year around Lennie & Greta Ransom…. `beware old brutes with no trousers on-not like women anymore- Beware- they are all talking of ‘the grand slam’…  they have all gone insane-purple plum `  (Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up their ugly snouts…)

1937 SUMMER - Jo has booked her hair appointment herself & Unity’s mother says  ‘I am so proud of her-she found a girl speaking some French but she booked the hair appointment herself-  You Two had gone off again-it is by the Old Kinema…they do ladies hair too… ’

ANDRE & GREETHA have become known as  ‘youuuh twooo’ Andre who is some days for hours & hours earning the name Saint George calls me ‘the boy-girl’ - The Prophet- I see to his  `State of Grace`  or JO will not marry him unless he cures that `quick fire` …  We discuss her wedding gown…

SUNDAY MORNINGS is The Mass- I a Catholic will be taken to Granny Gordon for the walk to the HIGH MASS at 11 am unless I hath stayed overnight at `Crail`…  or sometimes I went with She our hostess to an earlier Mass- she is a CONVERT & they are very serious & she wears black Spanish lace scarves sometimes & now & then with friends also CONVERTS she wears her Black lace Spanish Mantilla- I notice on the church steps afterwards the Converts are serious & the Catholics born very jolly respond to the old Italian Priest sent by ‘young Paccelli’ with lots of  ‘bene-bene’- I have a beret a bonnet matching my coat or the lovely straw hat Mary Helena Carroll Granny Gordon has decorated for me-I shall put this on for `OUR DAY OUT- Andre & Greta youuu two` records/his notebooks/others/photos/& people about us on summer days these beaches & la Mer coming in & out the days of our lives…

1957 now called `MALRAUX` in Europe-he say`th upon Summer 1937-  `& you were acting as my wife- Oh YES YOU WERE- not as my mother- as you had appointed yourself that Summer when you found she was dead !

I have it in my notebook! I who am now MALRAUX- & only want a peaceful life ! `

this script is supposed to look like Stonehenge)

The great figure known as MALRAUX com`th from GAU-

Greta Ransom replies November 1957 `you can lock him that Andre in the Cupboard-I will only come near you if you are George`   The Colossus of GAUL  fell down in his armchair laughing & kissed the top of my head with a blessing…

I GRETA RANSOM pauper-education interfered with-come from Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis my birthplace & my job 1952-1956 Colchester Castle/Hollytrees Mansion museum…I doth PAY A MONTHLY RENT TO THIS CATHOLIC HOSTEL Malraux’s Home workplace run in names of Westminster Diocese General de Gaulle French Embassy & ANDRE MALRAUX (where did that rent go ?)

…I felt pink-cheeked- weak at the knees over the notebook readings of THE AFTERNOON OUT  -had I done wrong-was I too forward then-did he really want me with him- I am now 24 years & yet feel hundreds of years old-weary from being a pauper as SHEshe Clytemnestra Mad Mother Kali calls me - ‘…you wretched pauper…` This MAN OF GAUL George-ANDRE is all I desire but I am nobody-& only in the great Museums can I claim some of my own mind….drawn to a doorway in the Science Museum-no memory here my Grandfather Frederick Charles RANSOM took me through late 1930s-to look at the Plans of JACOPSHOLMEN our holy island West Greenland where WE ARE COMMITTED TO BUILD THE UNIVERSITY TO POUL…6 feet 5 inches POUL GRONLANDER…the great-great grandfather of FCR…Poul genius-polymath-pure…

Overnight this information on SUMMER 1937 WAS REMOVED FROM MY MEMORY-Mengele & his assistants are allowed to creep about this Catholic Hostel Workplace home with needles loaded with FORGET YOU ALL YOU HAVE HEARD-  He has called me `fool and Ape`  -they are given permission from Angela & her men to raid banks in the names of LIR & GR…& see ANDRE MALRAUX does not find out about his GUARDIANSHIP…December 1957 a double killing for Andre & Greta was planned-foiled by MI5 & 6 `working late hours a Friday after everybody had left town for the weekend…we could only wait & see if they were alive Monday morning Peter…It was‘nt them the trouble…more a matter of green eyed women & their men after dough…` Hollis MI5 & team-JULY 1969- Doc Mengele Harrington visited Mr/Sir T. Hollis in his retirement-& then Hollis MI5 retired dies too suddenly 1970...INFORMATION July 1969 TO PJPW others Harwell Atomic Site luncheon  for village-staff-associates & families-

1957 November SHEshe Teresa Gordon R. has moved in to my top room hissing at me  `I I I have sacrificed MY MY MY life to give you everything-the most you can do for me is to allow me 2 nights while I search London for a job-I only have my Widows mite you bloody bitch-` (IT IS ALL LIES-THESE OLD NOBLE MONSTERS GIVE HER DOPE heroin-Divinorum Salvia Scotland-) one of her bastards had said she should be given a bed as I should not be left with MALRAUX - She stayed 2 weeks causing havoc-madness-following MALRAUX about in a taxi when he had appointments for General de Gaulle Whitehall- Complaints came from General de Gaulle Saint Charles we are told via CLARA MALRAUX who knows what the game is-see Malraux does not know of this Guardianship-a matter of her brother Maurice the Mouse helping 1948 to tumble GROTE BROKERS New York helping Mr Jimmie Jong of Paris-mother has an expensive apartment 1920s-30s..Clara the much older woman speaks to Andre as if he is a mongrel dog without a home- IF ONLY THESE UGLIES COULD BE GOT OFF HEROIN & LSD…plus old 1920s FIXESAndre Malraux’s Loyal staff did their best- IT IS MR MENGELE HARRINGTON WHO IS RUNNING ALL THIS BESTIAL MADNESS WITH DIRTY JIMMIE Mr Pong CUR JAMES a nuisance to Gordon Ransom families since 1919-with Angela & her men- From November 1953 Mengele can draw DIRECTLY on Naval Intelligence special thugs -permission Soapy-ice & mud puddles/Jim draws on Army thugs- Early morning meetings WHITES Club (of vice) has `7 Earls in chaufferd cars & 10 Lords a leaping- plus 12 other vermin who have got  claws on the ladder upwards`- ALL ARE HELPING THEMSELVES TO RANSOM ESTATE A-Z globe since end of 2nd World War & know of the killings of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN to get hold of these lands & dough…IT IS THE OFFICIAL STEALING OF OUR POST/mail-listening to all phone calls-following & investigating all visitors-visits… THAT IS THE WORK OF MENGELE & TEAM…IT IS THIS HAS THE BESTIAL ROBBERY OF VIOLENCE CONTINUE…face saving at the top ! & they are all so well paid for this global treason-they are terrorists of the globe-

1957 late OCTOBER- 50 Lancaster Gate Square-OFFICIAL BLACKMAIL ordered by The Realm- Doc Mengele Harrington paedophile royal Satrap etc etc threatened Greta Ransom - `IF I HAVE ONE REPORT YOU ARE RUDE TO YOUR MOTHER I WILL KILL YOU WITH A NEEDLE`… I tried telling `ANDRE GOV SIR Malraux-George`…but he is caught in a nasty manner over the two sons of JOSETTE & HE- & JIM & Mengele are threatening exposure/blackmail OF THE WEDDING OF GRACE to Greta Ransom under 16 years-to embarrass the career of de Gaulle who is seen to trust Andre Malraux Wedding of Grace granted by Vatican of the HEIR & GUARDIAN  April 1947 permission given by PACCELLI because he knew THE GROTE CHILDREN ARE MURDERED- & pre-War the British Realm always disapproved of the Homes & were making trouble from late 1920s THIEVING ART WORKS & then began taking the lands A to Z the world…independent nations…mouthing outside officialdom `OLD ESKIMOS NOT ALLOWED MAKE WILLS-given to Angela WHEN SHE WAS A KID…SAVE THE NATION…SAVE BRITISH TRADE` & all the lies & rubbish they could think up to get for themselves MOUNDS OF BLOOD & GORE dripping GOLD for their debauching Noble lives- The BRITISH GOVERNMENT CROWN STEALS OUR POST/MAIL from 1933 & 1937 onwards…Doc Mengele Harrington 1947 onwards is organising with a team the examination of all POST coming to RANSOM families et al & ANDRE MALRAUX- & 1950s God Help US-the lot at the top are on LSD with Mengele Doc Harrington prescribing-running a sexual athlete’s club too- & dirty Jimmie Mr Pong is Barman/Steward/Uncle of the Crown & runs prostitution-crime with violence from WHITES CLUB-

Andre Malraux GOV-Sir Andre` running this Catholic Charity & `think tank` for General de Gaulle will order his mother-in-law late November 1957 Clytemnestra Mad Mother Kali Old Mother Ransom Riley out after 2 weeks but Mengele paedophile Harrington royal satrap gets her back in slime-soapy fashion-December 1957 - Then with Doc Mengele JIM & thugs she see-sawed -all of them causing with their bestial insane greed much misery & deaths to so many people… `YOU WRETCHED PAUPER-YOU ARE INSANE-ruined MY MY MY life- I left it too late to get rid of you-  I could have married a rich man- I AM TOLD YOU YOU YOU ARE NOT TO BE LEFT ALONE-  SHE Mad Mother Kali Old Mother Ransom Riley-Clytemnestra has just come from a knees-up WHITES CLUB-JIM’s Private Office.IT CAN ALL BE READ IN  `LIFE AT 5O Lancaster Gate square 1957-1959...`when we were so young…Mengele Doc Harrington is appointed by The Realm-Crown-to see Malraux & Ransom have no idea of GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate…ANDRE MALRAUX of SEA peoples appointed Guardian before the 2nd World War…ALL OF GREAT BRITAIN NOBLES affairs are run from WHITES CLUB a vice bar St James` where Uncle James the Crown Mr Pong Jimmie Jong a half Chinese racist is Steward & controls Naval & Army thugs…since 1929...  Mr Mengele Harrington is terrified we will find out for then he would be EXTERMINATED for his brilliant work maiming-murdering-stealing-destroying reputations of the legal holders RANSOM of this worldwide Estate… (diaries LIR/JR®-Amx/FJR…& numerous nations A-Z globe…)

1937 XMAS `Well Saint Georgie Andre if JO does not want you & if you cannot reach perfect State of Grace then I could marry you & perhaps I was just trying the role out…I would like a husband like Great Poul Gronlander I have decided-my grandpa 4 times back- dark hair graceful 6 feet 5 inches tall very clever Catechist Trader Polymath Genius of West Greenland 18th century his mother the first Astro-physicist of the North Pole- & your eyes although not dark blue do seem suddenly with a beam of emerald green that I find beautiful ”

FJR my father does balance the Catholicism with Nonconformist & Humanism-science-technology-Nota bene- our family & religions-we often like all of them-

1936 Hiroheto scientist-Prince of Japan told Uncle Captain Liam Ransom last year  ‘my father said Tiggy had no religion-but thank heavens he had all of ours`…

An Arab Prince has sent me a prayer mat as I have to be a boy-girl 6 days of the week for my role with Lennie taking care of Thomas Grote HOMES & Margarethe’s Joyous VentureWe are to learn all languages if we can by staying at the HOMES & on our islands & seashores part of each year-  Tiggy had over a 100 languages by 50 years of age-it gets easier the more you learn…

1945 The Widower Colonel ANDRE will say to the grown-ups 1945 he has been to look at this place that place where JO walked- opened a door-  He went to look at the hairdressing shop taking me once-he say’th- `we were all here- just a handful of years ago- WHILE THE SEA CAME IN & OUT-  I can‘t forget her & I never want to forget her- there are our two sons-

I Greta Ransom am  wearing a little tomato wool jacket with a peplum that JO wore- it buttons up the front-  I am told by SHEshe Clytemnestra-Mother Ransom who came striding across the road  `its dirty-take it off-I will pay the 2 shillings to have it cleaned-you could be bringing disease into OUR- OUR TOWN-OUR TOWN- TO MY SONS- `

The evil power of these 1920s NOBLE MONSTERS of  the dangerous dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts is frightening & numbs the body & mind of their victims-for no Newspapers will help-no Parliament officially…

We never saw the tomato jacket again- SHEshe either gave it away in London or tore it to pieces- The Widower George Colonel Andre looked so pleased as he buttoned me into it & proud when he looked at me from a distance as I stood by the TREE in the centre of Clacton Town its circular seat full of old people with shopping bags-she came insulting me when she knew it was from him-`you look a fat fool in that-peplum-with your fat behind-your fat legs & its dirty dirty dirty from France…`  (SHE IS GIVEN DOPES BY HER NOBLE NOBLE CHUMS AT THE VERY TOP OF THE PYRAMID OF GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA…) -its late SUMMER 1945- Here in summer 1937 he would return to us or we to him as we `Went Round The Clacton Town`…

1974 Andre Malraux retired Minister of France- he sent a message “everything I give you dies”   He had asked to be bought for him a yellow flowering shrub a gift for The Pillar House Harwell after the renaissance party March 1972-   it would produce a wall of yellow-gold as it did at Verrieres-where he had hoped we could all come & then go visiting Ruins-Art Galleries-sites of Ransom & Grote Homes…take the Whitehead children out to lovely places-he allowed to be an old friend- have normality reign !

BUT IT IS NOT ALLOWED- both sides of the Channel- I am not allowed my memory back or I will name some of the murderers the fraudsters from the 1930s onwards& THESE-THEY ARE ALL NOBLES- with our Ransom/Grote/Weddell/ Gronlander Moneys draping them  in their gory display- they are seen  dripping blood & gore from their slaying the GROTE CHILDREN- to prop up a dead  Empire ? Nay-they had plotted 1930s to thieve piles of gold-wealth kudos-& have THE BIG TIME…(meetings reported upon 1938/9...)

1945 That summer the Widower ANDRE MALRAUX still granted Colonel status- brought over a lemon yellow linen suit & Uncle Harry said  ‘you wore it at a Horse & Farmers Fair I took you both to near Colchester with the old Winnclemanns- ANDRE wanted to see it-learn about old & modern life over here-that’s what he was noting for France-`

The lemon suit was quickly taken off me-I have to say I was a little uncomfortable in it-boxy & too short-I do prefer gathered & flaired skirts that are old fashioned-at school we are very Pre-raphelite-& I am not a modern person & prefer to be a girl-not look sleek-  It may have been worn by Esther-  by SHEshe because of clothes being rationed & on COUPONS got it & it disappeared-   I expect some dope-fiend Noble got it-for a price- George Colonel ANDRE said it was  ‘from a friend in Paris for a growing young girl in England ’ I suspect it was from Josette’s friend her biographer…a pretty name…Charntellae-perhaps I heard

I was growing UP & OUT - going to be a Greek Caryatid strong to hold the roof-alongside MALRAUX- Spirit of  The PARTHENON-HellasSo little memory hath I to be now allowed-but I do put some starlight things in a basket `for foul winter doth come`…

1937 SUMMER “One day I may write you a letter JO & Andre…& you will be living on a STAR & if you write back I can come with Auntie Winnie-if the journey is invented- so it is quickly- for I shall have much to do with our dear Thomas journeying with Aunt Margarethe…Lucretius on one shoulder & Jesus on the other-all young people & so pure-

1960 ANDRE MALRAUX Nightwatch January Colne Engaine cum Camulodunum “Do you remember- when we went to Salisbury January 1954 & we were to have a baby in the summer & we had taken up our VOWS again- I began to tell you more of our unit Summer 1937-our family when you were 4 years & some months old & took charge of me for I had my nerves from SPAIN & you spoke sometimes like an expert for your family had taught you wellSTARS-I am looking up at them here beside your new home this caravan where you have earned the money for working for your mother all summer-where you have fled a few days agoI want to go back & start again as we began 1937-A YOUNG WOMAN WHO WAS WITH US IS NOW DEAD.That summer 1937 we were a unit- four sometimes five of us - those days a happy family-

When we were being driven to Salisbury I had a hat from a poet -you have seen a film made of his ideas-a man of letters is reading some of the poems he has translated from the Greek- (1958 Rex Warner-Geo SEFRIS) I felt rather silly wearing this hat perhaps it was not big enough for my head-  But that morning we left London I had called on him at breakfast time-the poet said it would be so cold on Salisbury Plain & insisted I loan his hat…On the way we had to get some of your Grandfather Gordon’s paintings from the cottage of his youngest brother Edgar who had died before the War began-but the place was locked…you took some photographs in colour-I am standing by the cottage-the whole area was to be turned into a motorway with areas of commerce about…YOU CAN SEE IT IN YOUR HEAD IF YOU TRY-it is only a handful of years ago…no time compared with the TIME you & I experience in the great Museums when I have met you for a few minutes in the middle of our days these last 3 years…Try & sit by the Gates of Nineveh again waiting for me- Andre Malraux Burgermeister of Paris now…`  here we all were-just a handful of years ago…WHILE THE SEA CAME IN & OUT…I cannot forget her-I never want to forget her…she has given me two sons…I Andre Malraux…

1970 in WINTER- ANDRE MALRAUX-dining-room The Pillar House Harwell -where the immortal Childrens stories are drawn-written- by LLB 1900s-  Greta Ransom W.  shorthand-


The WIDOWER OF JOSETTE-the bridegroom of April 1947 Wedding of Grace HEIR & GUARDIAN The Joyous Venture The GROTE HOMES children take VOWs for life-we always have such civilized work to do-    Here we are in WINTER 1970.…Andre Malraux is referring to the Vampire squads about us-  Blewbury/London/Oxford from 1968 February 4th-a crass world of heroin-cocaine-dopes again-we cannot seem to get free…All the Estate has been claimed for The Crown by an ugly woman’s son-in-law a Playboy who Mengele prescribes DOPES for…& travels with…as JIM travelling companion of Angela from 19 teens…THE MURDERED GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 2nd World War are to be left for the future & the murderers are so busy removing all whom know & writing their own Testimonies of LIES…for The Realm you know- By eVIL sub-apes-

Of Human beings-OUR HOSTESS SUMMER 1937 Clacton-on-Sea-

Upon 1937- Andre Malraux speaks head bowed over his notebook-the dining-room table The Pillar House Harwell “ Here I am told  `She may have had two affairs 1930s Paris- England.  Then again he-well he may have had an affair 1930s -  He may have-of course-and She- perhaps…’

`1937 I remember her kindness-  those days when

you & I  first met in your country-  SUMMER 1937 !

When we had come from a war - A HOPELESS PROTEST- for justice for a decent form of life !

I  ANDRE MALRAUX do not care that they had affairs!

I am also told here- (Blewbury-Scarlet Town…Mengele has a leg up everywhere for The Crown…this should look like dried blood colour ) -I am told here -HERE- that perhaps perhaps -they did not ~ I DO NOT BELIEVE IT MATTERS  ! You  &  I Greetah  had  a  meeting  1937- they try stop you knowing this Greetah-for you can name them-those evil men & women… 


WE    ARE   ALIVE  -

WE- were present- THAT WEEK -then five weeks- for we decided to stay- & I would like you to try and recall our happiness.   The car at the door-at the house on the corner.  Try to remember-  how She will drive me anywhere I want to go- but I got used to walking about the town-often on my own-learning things…& would tell her where I went & whom I might speak with-take a cup of tea… The books that were there in the room at the front of the house where we went on wet days-a sick man to visit in the lovely Convalescent Home on the seafront-these were his books-these things matter…”

I GR. remember her saying to him Andre- “My father‘s books Andre not a big library but he has always kept these-you should have a look at them- if you‘d like to when you have the time-& anything you want I could bring to Paris-he will let you have anything…I think…now…’

I can see him ANDRE MALRAUX Saint George standing so tall & graceful in this small room with a North-east window a room in shadows in summer but alive with warm fire & soft lamp light winter days-they too get MUFFINS from the makers when they come round at 4pm & again at 7 pm with extra orders-I have been in here a winter late afternoon with my father FJR-  ANDRE he does look at the books a rainy afternoon & talks to She Unity’s mother & JO about them- A cupboard underneath the bookshelves has her father‘s nursery bricks that She used as a child- I will use them to build for JO & ANDRE one afternoon dull & raining OUR ISLAND IN THE SNOW the Jacopsholmen Island  where I have been to be christened & where Len Flyer flew us up before we met JEAN in Paris & went to her South Pole to see her dance a FIREBIRD-1935/1936- G.R.

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX retired Minister of Culture-France- speaks on-from his notebooks…“ & a garden with plants we could eat- You & She had sown them that early spring- I TOOK YOU OUT ALONE- You slept on my bed one afternoon when we had been burning the candle at both ends-rising with dawn sitting with the STARS almost until the end of the night- These things matter…I bathed you in a bowl in the kitchen- (a pause from Malraux) … I saved your life ! My name is Andre Malraux-around you are people who do not want you to remember me ! `

I can remember George-ANDRE if they show me the photographs & all the iconography of those times-but they STEAL-DESTROY-HIDE ! You bathed me also in the kitchen SINK !   I protested “I am not a baby -I bath myself upstairs or in the garden in hot or cold water in summer ”   -but you lifted me to the sink !  When you told me this  I was 24 years old & I said ` Huh-I may do that to you-bath YOU in the kitchen sink-`  & as the weeks passed I said one evening when you were weary & lost at the 1950s  monsters running the globe from WHITES Club vice bar- & greedy Gross Britain…  I said  ‘sit on my knee’  remembering ‘ you had no mother ’ I know you are a beautiful & pure person…” Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square 1957-1959 Day Books

1937 “ONE EARLY MORNING you came into my bed- her bed- THEIR MOTHER-two young men you met when you came to live at Lancaster Gate Square - That Summer 1937 you Greetha spoke to us of many things…`

` We have tied the two single beds together for JO & ANDRE & this makes a much bigger bed for two tall people-& soon I am to sleep at the bottom of their feet when I wish & be  `the little lion at the bottom of their Crusaders tomb-or the little dog`-  I HAD A NIGHTMARE sleeping downstairs/records-Harry Gordon explains/    JO does not mind me at the bottom, there is plenty of room between them & none of us gets enough sleep-we do so much-

When we come to bed we fall down from sheer exhaustion- GR `

“ You Greetha said to JO & me Andre- coming into our beds that early morning- `She our hostess had told you to come & see if we would like tea or coffee in bed & that the bathwater was hot-there would be breakfast when we liked-but Greetha you had to have some meals on time as she was growing. ` so I was to set about my breakfast at 9 o’clock am `

`You Greta said when you came into our bed between us & sat on the pillow with the blanket round your legs…`THE  VISIT WAS TO BE MADE TO MANY PLACES- We should see many things- You & She had known WE were to come.   The meals had been planned & we would go to the beautiful hotel that had a restaurant with music looking out on the Pier-& the ships lights could be seen at sea…`

This is the great TREAT we have planned for she Unity’s mother has told me that we shall have to save money a bit & be eating mostly at home or taking picnics-except for nice TEAS when we can find them in villages small towns…She says `I want them to have a lovely time for I am told they are WEARY FROM SPAIN- they drink wine sometimes but we will buy it when we go out-although I will get something in for the first meals-` The plan is to give them a lovely restful time -& we have been planning this quietly since March- but my father knows…G.R.

Andre Malraux continues… “ You said we would go and see the villages & where the painters had lived `& MR CONSTABLE-it was 100 years since he had died `

I- ANDRE MALRAUX - REMEMBER ALL THE HAPPINESS -THOSE DAYS Summer 1937 - Stars-above me-I want to begin again-`

1960 January- Colne Engaine tiny meadow Gallows Corner-ANDRE MALRAUX- Night Watch & some Dawn Watch-

“ We have found out now why this has been done to us- why they have tried with such brutality to pull us away from one another…” I GR have told ANDRE MALRAUX  January 1960